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Project update - November 2014 

The project entitled “Partnership of the Functional Area for reinforcing growth and the social and economic cohesion of the Leszno Agglomeration” is implemented by 10 units of territorial self-government and 4 social partners. Geographically, the functional area covers the premises of the town of Leszno, the Leszno region and the Przemęt commune (which belongs to the Wolsztyn region). The area of the Agglomeration covers 1063km2 which is inhabited by more than 132 thousand residents. Within the project 6 tasks are planned to be completed between February 2014 and March 2016.



Strategy for Socio-Economic Development is ready 

First of the 4 strategic documents for Leszno Agglomeration have been completed. Full version of the document is available in Polish. Check the ‘download’ section of our website to access the document.


The co-financing agreement signed

On January 31st, the “Functional Area Partnership for the development and socio- economic cohesion of Leszno Agglomeration " project  co-financing agreement between Town of Leszno and Ministry of Infrastructure and Development was signed.







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